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Cambridge’s international renown as a centre of outstanding academic achievement is coupled with a global reputation of distinction for hi-tech industry. Compact, green and beautiful, the city is dominated by the historic university buildings and bound by the lovely River Cam. It offers a unique ambience, where the charm of tradition blends with the conveniences of modern urban life. Cambridge is a prime location for committed language study.

OISE Cambridge is located a fifteen minute walk from the historic centre and just around the corner from the train station, in an area lively with bars, shops and restaurants. It stands directly opposite the celebrated Botanic Garden, one of the oldest and most extensive in the country.

Cambridge course

English Language Tuition

OISE Cambridge has a proven track record of providing the very best English language coaching. The centre offers the invaluable experience of 26 years of delivering bespoke courses in a professional yet intimate and convivial learning space.

The highly experienced and well-qualified language trainers come from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds, ensuring the highest quality of coaching and tuition for both professionals and young adults. Many of the team have worked together at OISE Cambridge for more than 15 years. Intensive programmes delivered by enthusiastic professionals ensure that each individual learner is able to excel.

English Language Courses

OISE Cambridge offers a range of full-day intensive programmes. The school day starts at 08:30 and finishes between 17:00 and 18:00.


The Tutorial programme offers exclusively one to one tuition. This allows for a flexible timetable and lesson content and can be further combined with certain elements of the Quatorial programme, such as the Spoken Assertiveness Workshop, the Critical Analysis Workshop and the weekly group project can be incorporated in the Tutorial programme.


The Quatorial programme develops accuracy (i.e. the correct use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation), skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and communicative competence (fluency).

Professionals focus on specific business skills such as telephoning, videoconferencing, giving presentations or participating in meetings through realistic business simulations, whereas younger academics are made familiar with exam strategies and given the opportunity for plenty of teacher-led exam practice. The daily programme consists of 4.5 hours of tuition in classes of up to 4 students, plus 1 hour of speaking practice in of up to 8 students, a pronunciation workshop and a news review, where listening skills and vocabulary are developed with the aid of authentic stories, often from the BBC.

Many students opt to further intensify the Quatorial programme by adding one to one tuition, where their specific needs are addressed directly by teachers who closely monitor their progress.

Exam preparation

OISE Cambridge focuses on intensive Exam preparation programmes, led by experienced language coaches, enable our students to improve their English and gain key exam skills in a very short space of time. A good example of this is the majority of our students preparing to sit the IELTS Exam, are able to increase their overall IELTS band, by 0.5 per month. OISE Cambridge offers the full range of internationally recognised English exams including the Cambridge suite, IELTS, TOEFL, TOLES, GMAT, Trinity SELT exams, BULATS, TOEIC and PLAB. Exam preparation can be in the Tutorial or Quatorial format, or a combination of these.

Cambridge social

Cultural Programme

A key part of our English language experience is our culturally enriching leisure programme.

We offer a minimum of three complimentary evening activities hosted by a member of the OISE team and options to visit other cities of interest in England at the weekends. We are also happy to organise some additional weekend activities during your studies here such as horse-riding, clay - pigeon shooting, golf, tennis, archery and falconry.


    1. Host Family
    2. Homestay is the most popular choice. Our families have hosted with us for many years and have forged on-going friendships with the students. Our hosts have a genuine interest in our students and find the cultural exchange enjoyable and stimulating. We aim to place each student with a family that shares their interests. Homestays are typically within a 2-mile radius of the school - and Cambridge is easy and pleasant to get around.
    1. College
    2. In summer we offer residential accommodation at Cambridge University colleges.
    1. Apartments & Hotels
    2. In addition to homestay we offer luxury self-catering apartments located close to the school. There are also a number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels locatednear the school.
Cambridge Travel


Conveniently situated in the heart of East Anglia, Cambridge has excellent travel links with the rest of the country. London Stansted Airport is the best arrival point as it’s just a 30 minute direct train journey or taxi ride to Cambridge. London Luton and London City are within easy reach and London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports are accessible by taxi, coach and train. Central London is just a 50 minute direct train journey from Cambridge. You can travel to either King’s Cross St Pancras for international links or to Liverpool Street and the historic heart of the City of London. Cambridge is a beautiful, compact and quiet city, best seen by bike or on foot. Bicycles are available for hire at the school, and the city is well served by buses.


Our Location

Cambridge is home not only to one of the world’s great universities, its iconic buildings and colleges peppering the old town, but also to the dynamic high-tech hub sometimes known as ‘Silicon Fen’ (Microsoft Research, ARM, CSR, Autonomy and several thousand more), and the largest biomedical campus in Europe.

The result is a rich mix of students and professionals, and an ambience of tradition, scholarship and innovation. The town is host to a myriad of cafes, restaurants and pubs (including The Eagle, in the front room of which Crick and Watson demonstrated the first model of the double-helix structure of DNA in 1953), and to innumerable buildings of great historical and architectural significance (King’s College Chapel, the Wren Library, the Mathematical Bridge, Trinity Great Court, etc.).

OISE is located a fifteen minute walk from the historic centre and just around the corner from the rail station, in an area lively with bars, shops and restaurants. It stands directly opposite the celebrated Botanic Garden, one of the oldest and most extensive in the country.

  • Address
  • 81-85 Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 1PG
  • Office Hours
  • 8:00am - 6pm (GMT+00)


OISE Cambridge is accredited by the British Council. Our recent 4-yearly inspection highlighted 37 strengths in the areas of premises and facilities, learning resources, academic management, learner management, teaching, accommodation and leisure opportunities.

OISE Cambridge is a member of English UK.

OISE Cambridge is a BULATS centre and offers IELTS preparation.